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Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music

Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music

Art TAwanghar

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Discover ‘Forbidden Harmonies Lounge’ world music drawn from musical systems born in the ancient worlds of Mesopotamia, India, Persia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. Improve your physical and emotional wellbeing through music, all carefully composed by Art Tawanghar. Arouse your senses as your brain is inspired by solfeggio frequencies, as used in the Gregorian Chants. Uncover the secret scales of the pyramids and forbidden harmonies to enlighten your mind and sooth your soul in this beautiful collection of ancient world music. By drawing on inspiration from around the world, this six-track album is sure to invoke and awaken your true self. Journey through live piano improvisations, plus setar, kamancheh and hang drum too as you uncover the age of antiquity in this truly eclectic mix, all brought together to provoke healing through sound.

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02 My Akashic Record (Setar, Kamanche and Hang Drum Live Persian Music Improvisations) 

Following on from ‘What will happen?’ is ‘My Akashic Record’, an improvisational piece featuring the setar, kamancheh and hang drum, wrapped in a warm coat of synth and excitement as it builds throughout, taking the listener on an endless journey full of promise.

04 Storyteller 

‘Storyteller’ opens temptingly before unfolding into an upbeat and pleasing track, with the ebb and flow between the Arabian flute and the piano. Inspiration and optimism is felt as the fusion works its magic and dances through the mind.

06 I am a Servant to Divine ft. Shakila

‘I am a servant to Divine’ finishes this beautiful album on a note of celebration. Another track with legendary Persian singer Shakila, conjuring feelings of sunshine and thanks. The pleasure of life shines strong throughout giving us a sprightly track that comes out on top.

01 What will happen? Ft. Shakila

A swirling opening with tempting sounds from the East, striking that balance between mystery and nostalgia. Enter hauntingly beautiful vocals from Shakila, dancing with the strings and playful beats, bringing a modern twist to that unmistakeable Persian sound.

03 Cave of Creation (Arabic Dance World Fusion) 

A more cosmic offering, ‘Cave of Creation’ opens and welcomes listeners to the awakening before opening into an ecstatic blend of Arabic and World music. Like opening a box of treasure, this track is full of musical delights with pleasure found in identifying the divergent styles.

Art Tawanghar